Argan Black Liquid Soap – 250 Ml

70.00 د.م.

The liquid black soap is a gentle purifying soap, 100% natural. Unlike black soap paste, liquid black soap is easier to apply, your shower becomes a pure moment of relaxation and pleasure! Our black soap effectively eliminates impurities, while nourishing the epidermis with its exfoliating and moisturizing properties at the same time. The synergy of olive oil helps to soften the skin while giving it a radiant complexion.


Usage tips :
For intensely nourished skin, pour a small amount of liquid black soap into your hands and massage gently until you obtain a creamy foam using a special Hammam exfoliating glove.
In Moroccan hammams, black soap is used to cleanse, moisturize and exfoliate dead skin.
Moisturizes, softens and nourishes the skin thanks to the combination of vitamin A and E.

Precautions for use: Avoid contact with eyes.