Argan Oil Gentle Shampoo – 200 Ml

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Nourishing shampoo, made with natural argan oil. It nourishes and strengthens dry and devitalized hair and provides vitality and natural beauty. Ideal for dull, damaged and permed hair



Wet your hair. Apply shampoo generously. Massage the scalp with your fingertips. Leave to act for 1 min. Rinse. This shampoo is a real fortifying treatment for the hair.
Daily use will give you softness, suppleness and hydration

Results :
Lively and energetic hair.
Deeply nourished hair.
Very rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E, Argan oil is traditionally recognized for its nourishing, revitalizing and anti-wrinkle properties. It is ideal for combating dryness of the skin, it softens the epidermis and prevents skin aging. Argan oil is also effective in regenerating and nourishing dry and devitalized hair.

Precautions for use: Avoid contact with eyes