Beard Serum – 30Ml

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A perfect blend of moisturizing actives for a lightweight serum that won’t weigh down the beard and leave it with a natural, non-greasy finish.
A complete daily serum specially designed in accordance with the nature of male skin.
Its formula also proves to be an excellent beard care that stimulates growth, tames the hair and softens it while soothing the various irritations of the skin under the hair.


Why use a beard serum?
The desired effects of using a beard serum are similar to those of beard oil. The serum also allows, like the balm, to a lesser extent, to discipline the hairs. It is therefore a fairly complete treatment.
• Bring shine to the hairs.
• Moisturize the hairs thanks to the oils it contains.
• Soften and nourish weakened beard hairs.
• Tame the hairs thanks to its texture (gel). A serum, on the other hand, does not fix the hairs.

What are the benefits of beard serum?
Its first advantage is its versatility. It moisturizes, nourishes as oil and balm can do, but it also disciplines. Its “gel” texture is particularly pleasant because it leaves neither greasy hands nor beards. Which is not always the case for beard oil.

How is it used?
Like a beard oil or a balm, it is applied every day. Once a day is more than enough. A simple dab of the product will suffice.
Put a few drops in the palm of your palm and warm them between your hands, then apply directly to the level of the beard as well as to the rest of the face, massaging gently while avoiding the eye area.