Blue Nila Soap – 100 g

60.00 د.م.

Nila Bleu Soap Helps brighten the complexion, soften rough areas (knees, elbows, feet). Moisturizing, it leaves the skin very soft. Helps reduce dark spots and signs of aging. Anti-wrinkle, it rejuvenates the skin.
Nila is a natural mineral found in the rocky mountains of the Sahara.
The Nila, the beauty secret of the women of the Sahara, is a royal blue powder for the preparation of “homemade” masks and any other beauty treatment.


• Nila Bleue works to lighten and whiten the skin and get rid of the effects of the sun, from the first use.
• Nila Bleue to get rid of freckles, blackheads and excess fat while cleansing the skin deeply and from within.
• It gives the skin an attractive fragrance and a velvety softness, as many Moroccan women use it.
• Its benefits are amazing and noticeable in tightening sagging skin
• Use on all areas of the body such as buttocks, elbows and neck.
• Nila Bleue helps to get rid of the blackness of the knees and joints and unifies the body.
• Helps permanently eliminate pigmentation and dark spots on the body and face.
• It gives your skin freshness and radiance and a firmer complexion without wrinkles.

Use :
For a gentle treatment for the face and body, lather the soap between your hands and massage it into damp skin. Then wash your skin carefully and rinse.
You can also use the soap as a mask: apply to damp skin with a brush, leave to act for 5 minutes and rinse.
You can also use Nila’s soap on armpits, knees and elbows to lighten dark, rough areas of skin.

Made in the old fashioned way, more than a soap, it acts as a real care product for the skin of the face and body.

These artisanal soaps are “Handmade”: mixing of oils, molding, cutting, refining, drying and packaging.

The manufacturing process is a cold saponification of vegetable oils.

Naturally rich in glycerin.