Orange Blossom Floral Water – 125 Ml

55.00 د.م.

Orange blossom floral water is soothing and softening, but also toning and regenerating. It is suitable for all skin types, even those of the youngest, and can also be used on the hair.


Soothing, but also softening, orange blossom floral water refreshes and tones the skin. It also leaves a very pleasant scent. Regenerating, it takes great care of dry, tired, delicate or irritated skin. It is also suitable for baby skin, which it soothes and refreshes. On the other hand, it is also a friend of mature skin, which it regenerates and firms.

Usage tips :
Orange blossom floral water is applied as a spray on the body and face, or as a lotion, with a cotton pad on dry areas and redness. You can also add a few drops to your usual day cream. This floral water brings its benefits to all skin types, if only to give a radiant complexion to your face.

Risks, precautions and contraindications of orange blossom floral water:
Be careful not to swallow.
Avoid contact with the eyes.
Do not leave within reach of children.

Storage conditions:
Store at a temperature below 40°C away from light.