Rose Oil – 50 ml

60.00 د.م.

Balancing oil, helps to relax body and mind.
Its skin regenerating and toning properties are highly appreciated by irritated and sensitive skin, but also useful for preventing or limiting skin ageing. Thanks to its intoxicating smell, it also deliciously perfumes your “homemade” care products for the
face, body and hair.


Properties :
Nourishing and softening oil for the skin and fortifying for the hair.
Prevents the epidermis from drying out and protects it against external aggressions.
Oil bath for healthy and beautiful hair.
Use :
Rose Beauty Oil is applied evening and morning, massaging the face in circular motions. Two pressures in the palm of the hand are enough, then you gently massage the face. You can combine it with Rose floral water that you have applied beforehand to cleanse the skin and thus prepare it to receive the active ingredients of Beauty Oil.

Can be used pure or mixed with essential oils or with other vegetable oils.

As the fatty phase in the composition of body and face creams.