Cosmetic argan oil – 50Ml

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Argan oil is moisturizing, revitalizing, softening and has anti-wrinkle power for the skin. It is also an effective treatment for dry hair or brittle nails. Cooks in gastronomy are using it more and more in the preparation of their dishes because of its unique and very fragrant taste.


Properties: Nourishing, softening, Protective skin (external aggressions, sun, winds), fortifying, Antiradical, anti-aging, regenerating, revitalizing, Repairing, healing.
Known for lowering cholesterol levels and protecting the cardiovascular system, Antisclerosant.

Skin care: Dry, wrinkled, devitalised, dehydrated skin, Aging skin, wrinkles, Burns, dermatoses, acne, chickenpox, Dry, chapped hands, Brittle nails.
Hair care: dry, brittle, dull, tired hair / dandruff / hair loss, Protection from external aggressions (sun, bad weather, etc.) Rheumatism, atherosclerosis.
External use: Pure or mixed with essential oils or other vegetable oils in local applications twice a day on dry skin, in hair care, in care or prevention as anti-aging.

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